Alpha Phi Alpha Foundation of Manasota, Inc.

Mentoring and Empowering our Communities

Mentoring and Empowering our Communities

Mentoring and Empowering our Communities Mentoring and Empowering our Communities


Seven $1,000 Scholarships to be Awarded

Applications process is now closed for Spring of 2019.

Check back for Spring of 2020 details soon. 


Scholarship Application Instructions

Deadline to Apply for spring 2019 had passed. please check back soon for spring 2020 details.

Dear Student,

Please complete all sections of the application by clicking here to apply for the Alpha Phi Alpha Foundation of Manasota, Inc. Scholarship. Applications are due Monday, April 1, 2019.

Contact Dr. George Mims with any questions by sending an email to: 

Be sure and place your name in the appropriate places on all pages in the application packet and distribute to school staff members as appropriate. The student should complete his parts of the application first, forward it to his counselor for input, and then to a teacher for a recommendation which can be completed online by clicking here.

You must provide the following information with your application: a resume, photo, and permission to use your name and to publicize being a scholarship recipient. 

Questions and completed application packets should be sent to the scholarship committee online, or sent by US mail to the address above.

Student Eligibility:

  • Must be Enrolled in a High School Program in the School District of Manatee County or the School District of Sarasota County.
  • Must be an African-American or Hispanic Male.
  • Must Present Proof of Admission and Acceptance into a Two-Year or Four-Year Post-Secondary Institution in Florida at the Time of Scholarship Award.
  • Must Provide a Resume, Photo, and Permission to Use Name and Publicize Being a Scholarship Recipient with application.


Alpha Phi Alpha Foundation of Manasota, Inc., Scholarship Committee

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Fill out your application online OR mail completed 

1.  Application plus essay

2. Counselor Input

3. Teacher Recommendation to:

Scholarship Application Form

The Alpha Phi Alpha Foundation of Manasota Scholarship Program

Alpha Phi Alpha Foundation of Manasota, Inc.

7282 55th Av. East

PMB 188

Bradenton, Florida 34203 

ATTN: Scholarship Program

Ask Your Counselor and Teacher to fill out required forms

Apply First

If you have not done so yet please fill out the following online Application by clicking below. Be prepared to up load an essay, resume and photo. Your parents will need to sign as well. 

Once that is completed you will need to ask your counselor and a teacher to make an online recommendation. 

Counselor input

A counselor will need to complete this form online for the student: You will be asked to provide GPA, class rank, ACT/SAT scores and reasons for recommendation. 

Teacher Recommendation

Once a Student Applies a teacher can confidentially recommend the student online. Just click Below. 

Thank you for applying